At Academia Antonia Alonso, we believe that how children learn is just as important as what they learn.

Our curriculum is framed around the unifying themes of biliteracy and active learning.  Project Based Learning and a Two Way Dual Immersion Program are the collective forces behind our curriculum.

Project Based Learning provides opportunities for student to learn through interactive, hands-on projects that spark curiosity, promote active learning, encourage teamwork, build character, and capitalize on children’s desire to explore.  Students engage in real-world issues, learn to make connections, understand diverse perspectives, develop conclusions, and generalize to big ideas.

All Academia Antonia Alonso students learn to speak, read and write in English and Spanish. Our dual language program starts in kindergarten, at an age when children learn languages easily, and continues through 5th grade.

Students spend half their time learning in English and half in Spanish. Reading and writing in both languages is integrated into all our expeditions and across all subject matters.  Students do not need prior knowledge of Spanish or English to enroll.

The first weeks of each school year are dedicated to the evaluation of students’ language and academic levels to ensure differentiated and learner-centered instruction. Students receive intensive vocabulary development in English and Spanish.  During this time, students also begin exploring the world through Project Based Learning to ensure that they start off the school year understanding the focus and goals of the school.

Dr. Shirley's, Academic Dean, Virtual Office