Congratulations Debbie Quiñones

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La Academia was delighted to announce Debbie Olivera Quiñones, our school Data Analyst and Special Program Coordinator, had been named La Academia's 2021 Staff of the Year!! Get to know Ms. Quiñones better! 

Currently, work at Academia Antonia Alonso as a Data Analyst and Special Program Coordinator. My latest responsibilities have been testing Smarter Balanced and WIDA, Coordinating and providing data for school reports. I have worked on numerous projects for example RTI and ESL programs in order to thrive and reinforce lessons that will be pertinent to students. My main objective in School is to keep the overall process flowing smoothly and making decisions that will facilitate success in students' learning.

My passion for working with students in a school setting could be traced back to my pre-professional days as an elementary student. I have been on a recruitment path in life that was guided by amazing teachers and parents that have provided me with the necessary experiences to obtain pertinent skills to reach confidence, work ethic, and humbleness in order to learn and be successful. You might have guessed that some of the qualities that could define me are helping others solve problems, working collaboratively, organizing, and being proactive.

Prior to joining Academia, I obtained a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Puerto Rico and was a member of the National Collegiate in Honors Council in Education. Proceeded to complete my Master's Degree in Educational Administration while working as an Adaptive Physical Educator for Toddler Students. One of my greatest achievements is being a good daughter, sister, and friend. 

Personally, I’m driven to having new experiences, creating innovative projects, and accomplishing tasks effectively in the least amount of time. One of my favorite educational quotes is from another Lee. 

Everything you do, if not in a relaxed state, will be done at a lesser level than you are proficient. Thus, the tensed expert marksman will aim at a level less than his/her student.– Bruce Lee 

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