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Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School (La Academia) is a public KN - 8th Grade charter school with focus on nurturing bilingual, biliterate and multicultural children.

La Academia’s Dual Language Immersion Elementary School – KN -5TH Grade
La Academia is a dual language immersion (Spanish and English) elementary school with a focus on nurturing bilingual, biliterate and multicultural children.

La Academia Middle School – 6th – 8Th Grade
La Academia's Middle School Program is a 90%-10% model. In our MS program, all subjects are taught in English, however all students are required to take a Spanish as a World Language class, ensuring a bilingual, well-rounded, culturally enriching education.

🌐 Two Unique Spanish Language Pathways:

  1. Heritage Learners Pathway:
    • Tailored for students proficient in Spanish.
    • Designed to deepen language skills.
    • Encourages deep exploration of Hispanic and Latino cultures throughout the world.

  2. Non-Heritage Learners Pathway:
    • Created for students new to Spanish.
    • Provides comprehensive language instruction.
    • Fosters cross-cultural appreciation.

📊 Pathways Based on Proficiency: Your child's language pathway will be determined by an entry assessment to verify Spanish proficiency at the time of enrollment. Most importantly, MS students do not need prior knowledge of Spanish to enroll. We support each child's unique language journey, whether they are proficient or just starting to explore the language.

Academic instruction will take place half of the time in English and half in Spanish. Students will learn to think critically and take action in their classrooms and communities through project based learning and by engaging in real life issues.

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Responsive Classrooms

Caption: La Academia students use Imagine Language & Literacy, Imagine Math and Imagine Español as adaptive, interactive programs that teach concepts at the student's level and help them practice what they have learned.
Academia Charter School

Come Grow With Us.

Academia Antonia Alonso’s core philosophy is to create a school where students investigate who they are and what role they play in a diverse society. Our students will be encouraged to become strong community leaders, as well as advocates on local, national, and global stages. Our academic program will provide students with a sense of community and global awareness, as well as 21st century skills.

Why choose Academia?

Dual Language

At Academia Antonia Alonso, we believe that how children learn is just as important as what they learn. Our curriculum is framed around the unifying themes of biliteracy and active learning. Project Based Learning and a Two Way Dual Immersion Program are the collective forces behind our curriculum.All Academia Antonia Alonso students learn to speak, read and write in English and Spanish.
Our dual language program starts in kindergarten, at an age when children learn languages easily, and continues through 5th grade.  
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Kagan Structures

Kagan Structures are instructional strategies designed to promote cooperation and communication in the classroom, boost students' confidence and improve student engagement. At La Academia it is our mission to inspire children to become confident and independent learners this is possible when students take ownership of their learning. Kagan structures enable students to work together and collaborate while building classroom community and team building.

DIfferentiated Instruction

 The purpose of differentiated instruction is taking the student from where they are and move them forward in the learning process. Differentiation occurs as teachers’ tailor instruction it to fit the learners’ needs. Teachers identify students’ instructional level, language, and learning preferences and provide instruction accordingly. Imagine Language & Literacy accommodates differentiated instruction by providing multiple ways to teach similar skills that match students' abilities. By sequencing the curriculum through different skill areas and activities, and administering interim assessments to adapt to individual needs, Imagine Language & Literacy provides individualized instruction for each student.

Whole Child

At La Academia, we believe educating children requires working with the whole child. In partnership with their families we ensure students are healthy and safe physically, joyful internally, engaged creatively, supported socially and emotionally, and challenged academically. Our community is responsive and adaptive to meet the ever-changing needs of our students, parents, teachers, and staff.  La Academia models for our students their capacity to be life-long learners and innovators through risk taking, ownership of their actions, and embracing challenges to achieve their goals and social stewardship.
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Caption: All La Academia students learn to speak, read and write in English and Spanish. Our dual-language program starts in kindergarten, at an age when children learn languages easily, and continues through 5th grade.

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