Leadership Message

Dear Parents/Guardians of La Academia:

Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School (“La Academia”) opened its doors to the children and families of the state of Delaware four years ago. The founding board members of La Academia believed that we needed to create an educational setting and experience for the children of Delaware that was to be innovative, child-centered and family oriented, where children experienced the joys of learning. I can tell you first hand, I witness this each and every day that I visit the school and speak to our parents, children, teachers and staff.

As a founding board member, I have had the opportunity to work side by side with board members that are visionaries and champions of excellence in education. They believe in the importance of second language acquisition and in distilling the most innovative and effective ways to raise the bar in education for our children at La Academia. I am surrounded by families that believe in the value of acquiring a second language and who clearly have openness to diversity and multiculturalism. I witness teachers and staff, working feverishly to deliver the best lessons for your children daily and loving the wonders that your children bring to their lives each day. It is music to my ears when I hear from parents, “La Academia is different. I feel like children and family are valued and your doors are always open to listening to what we have to say.” Yes, your voices mean the world to us and they are a part of what makes up our compass or that, which gives us direction to improve and to grow as an organization of teaching and learning.

To bring dreams into the realm of reality, it takes vision, courage, determination, hard work and as Walt Disney reminded us, it takes people. I believe today we have a village of visionaries, dreamers and doers. I cannot wait to see what our school community will author next in the history of La Academia. Thank you for your support, care and commitment to Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School. I know from heaven, my mother is smiling. We are making her proud and living out her dream for the children of Delaware, UNIDOS!

In Peace and Love,
Dr. Maria Alonso
Board President

“The more stones I find on my path,
the bigger I shall build my castle”

Mission & Vision

Academia Antonia Alonso (La Academia) is a public elementary school – it is free to the public. La Academia’s focus is on nurturing bilingual, biliterate and multicultural children. Academic instruction will take place half of the time in English and half in Spanish. Students will learn to think critically and take action in their classrooms and communities through project based learning and by engaging in real life issues.

At La Academia, we believe that we are at our best when we are working together for the common good. Our school opened in August 2014 with two grade levels, Kindergarten and 1st grade. The school will add a grade level every year, to grow to a K-5 school by 2018.

At Academia Antonia Alonso, we are driven by our mission to inspire children to become joyful, confident, creative, bilingual learners, by providing our students with a strong biliterate academic and cultural foundation.

Our vision is to nurture individuals who will develop a passion for life-long learning, becoming multicultural stewards and leaders in the communities they touch.

Core Philosophy

Academia Antonia Alonso’s core philosophy is to create a school where students investigate who they are and what role they play in a diverse society. Our students will be encouraged to become strong community leaders, as well as advocates on local, national, and global stages. Our academic program will provide students with a sense of community and global awareness, as well as 21st century skills. The academic program combines a Two-Way Dual Language Immersion model and Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology. The integration of these two learning approaches support students’ instructional and language acquisition needs.

​Wrap-around services offered through the Latin American Community Center will complement the academic program and provide optional before- and after-school support and language acquisition programs for families whose children attend Academia Antonia Alonso.

Annual Report

AHERA Compliance & Inspection

Please click on the document below to read our School Inspection Report:

AHERA Compliance & Inspection – English