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Attention Working Parents:

Governor John Carney has announced options for parents and guardians who must return to work while their child(ren) are at home for remote learning. The State is working with districts and charter schools, licensed child care providers, and other organizations to create additional school-age child care options for children 12 and under who need a place to go during the day for remote learning. While care is open to any parent/guardian needing it, those who can stay at home with their child during remote learning or can make alternate care plans are encouraged to do so.

  • Additional Child Care Capacity

o    The following child care options are available to parents/guardians for school-age children.

o    Licensed child care homes and centers have additional capacity to serve school-age children. You can find a site near you at this link. Parents/guardians will need to contact these child care centers and homes to inquire about open seats.

o    Existing camps will be allowed to continue operations through the end of October. If a child attended a camp this summer, families may wish to contact the camp to see if it is continuing operation.

  • Additional Information for Families:

o    Parents/guardians can also visit the new My Child DE site to learn about programs in their geographic area. For information about program costs, families should contact providers or POC directly at 1-866-843-7212.

La Academia has a partnership with the Mobile Health Van.  This van will be available at least once a month in our school parking lot.  Please check out this website for more information!


Please read the letter from the Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services on prevention, what do do if you feel sick, and who is vulnerable:

Message from Department of Health and Social Services (English)

Message from Department of Health and Social Services (Spanish)